Pastor Siri Sorenson

The Senior Pastor of Grace. She leads Word and Sacrament ministry in the congregation and provides leadership to the council and several committees. She also provides pastoral care. Pastor Siri is married to Pastor Jeff who serves the Lutheran Church of Dell Rapids. She and Jeff have two children at home -- Anna and Jorey and two grown sons -- Mike and Wayne. She is grandmother to Skyler, Chelsea, and Talin.

Sue Hooyer

The office secretary. She provides hospitality, produces bulletins and publications, and manages the church records. Sue is married to Glenn. They have two grown children — Grant and Kelsey.

Brian Penn

The Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries. He plans and implements programs for middle school and high school youth and young adults. Brian is married to Lori. They have two grown children -- Jodi and Nate who is married to Brooke. He is grandfather to Lily and Kaia.

Lisa Jasmer

The Director of Faith and Family Ministry. She plans and implements education programs including Sunday school and VBS/Day Camp. She leads family ministry programs such as milestones which help parent keep baptismal promises and family fun events. Lisa is married to Greg. They have three children CJ, Kaeleigh, and Kian.

Rita Blake

The Parish Nurse. She oversees the health ministry of the congregation.She makes hospital and nursing home visits, provides home communions, and plans and implements caring ministries. She has nine children and many grandchildren.

Gea Eckhoff, Nick Fosheim, and Jerry Goddard

Grace Lutheran’s organists/ pianists. Nick also serves as the Hand Chime Choir director. Gea accompanies the choir.

Dana Dahlquist

As the church custodian he manages the upkeep and cleaning of the building.

Dana is married to Kay. They have grown children and grandchildren.

Daren Miller

The director of the Celebrant Choir and choir ensembles. Daren works for Get-n-Go as well. Daren is married to Stephanie and has two children—Paige and Chloe.

Becky Smith

The Technology and Communication Coordinator. She designs the slides for worship, updates and maintains our website, schedules our electronic sign, maintains our social media outlets, and coordinates volunteers to run our sound and slides for worship services. Becky is married to Mike. They have two children, Aiden and Brody.

Executive Board

Jeff Eckhoff, President

Christine Verba, Vice President

Roger Peters, Treasurer

Robin Hofkamp, Secretary